TV lighting cameraman for broadcast and corporate shooting and Avid editing. 25 years worldwide and UK experience.
Sachtler 18 plus tripod (2 stage carbon fibre legs and off ground spreader).  
Sony VA 500 Betacam SP playback adapter.  
Sony PVM 9041, 9" ac/dc portable monitor with batteries and chargers.  
PAGLOK Digital Nickel - Metal Hydride, RTI camera batteries with mains and in car charger.  
Portable generator and a Sony AC 500 mains ac/dc adapter.  
Sennheiser MKH-416 hand held shot gun microphone with cage and Rycote windshield.  
Sony ECM 672 on camera shot gun microphone with wind shield.  
Beyerdynamic M58 reporter stick microphones.  
Sanken COS 11 personal tie clip microphone.  
Tram TR50 personal tie clip microphone.  
Sony WRT-860A / WRR-855, 102 channel UHF diversity radio microphone system.  
AKG, C 414 B-ULS (x2) multi pattern studio microphones with suspension mounts.  
Neumann SKM140 matched stereo pair of low visibility studio quality microphones for in camara and front of stage applications.  
Dedo 4 head lighing kit including: zoom projection lens and gobos.  
Redhead (800W) with daylight correction filter and barn doors.  
Lowel DP light (1000 watts or less) with daylight correction filter and barn doors.  
Chimera light banks with daylight correction.  
Lowel Tota lights (1000 watts each) with safety screens, gel/diffuser frames and daylight correction filters.  
PAG (100 watts or less) reporter light with dichroic daylight correction filter.  
Lastolight reflector (two sided, white and soft gold).  
Lastolight chroma key background
(7' x 6' blue).
Ian has worked with a wide variety of equipment from Digital Betacam cameras to minicams and owns an extensive range of kit, including the following items:
Digital Betacam
Sony DVW-790 WSP the ultimate Digital Betacam camera for 4:3 and 16:9 widscreen shooting. This brilliant camera is the standard against which all other porable tv cameras are measured.
HL-DV7W the only broadcast standard DVCAM camcorder.  This widescreen switchable camera produces brilliant natural images typical of the Ikegami pedigree.
Betacam SP
Ikegami HL-55A Unicam broadcast camera. With FIT CCD's for smear free pictures and superb signal processing it out performs even a BVW-400 and with a BVE 'clear scan' shutter, computer screens are no problem. Docked to a Sony BVV-5 broadcast Betacam SP VCR this is a superb Beta SP camera.
Canon J15 x 8 broadcast quality standard lens with 2x extender and zoom demand.  
Canon J9 x 5.2 broadcast super wide angle lens with 2x extender.  
Canon J13 x 9 broadcast standard lens with 2x extender and zoom demand.  
Canon J8 x 6 broadcast wide angle lens.  
Vocas MB320 Matte box and filters.  
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Location Shoot Stills
Edit Suite
AVID online digital video edit suite with SDI in/out and uncompressed video option, with 360 gigabytes of storage.  All currently available video tape formats can be edited on this system.  
Sony PVM 20 inch video monitor and JBL Control 1 professional near field audio monitors.  
Betacam SP video recorder and DAT, CD, and compact audio cassette audio players and recorders.  
Soundcraft, Spirit Folio SX, 20 channel audio mixer.  


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